Hi, I'm Sofia. I have been a professional photographer for the last 7 years and I love it. Seeing people enjoying the moment with their loved ones, engaging with them and registering it forever are my favourite things about being a photographer.

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More about me

I have been an enthusiastic photographer since I was a child, like 7 years old. In the countryside of Brazil I photographed other children with a simple point and shoot camera at the time. My father saw the pictures and decided to buy a camera to shoot together. I kept using that same camera even 10 years after he passed away. When I decided to make it my profession and move to a city like Melbourne, with so many opportunities for creatives. I love to record moments, just like those with my dad, that I have in my memory.

Events I love to capture

I love multicultural events, It teaches me a lot about cultural similarities and differences. I think every ceremony ritual is beautiful in its own way. I'm always blown away by those.

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