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hey I'm ferdi! I've been capturing since 2010 and absolutely love getting to know people and their stories with a camera in my hand. Hope to meet and capture for you! :)

Below you can have 1 to 4 pics of yourself :)

Laura's Bridal Shower!

Each & Tim's Engagement

St Helena Secondary College Debutante

A quick/fun/honest video introducing yourself (optional)

Some artists may want to create a video for potential clients to view... a video can be very effective in woo-ing over potential clients.

Seeing your vibe, face and nature can really lower down any emotional barriers and start establishing trust from the moment they press play.

It's also efficient with attracting over your ideal client.

The video can be low quality from your phone or from a DSLR... really up to you :) each attract differently

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any background information on who you are, how you came to be and why you do what you do :)

can also let clients know random things you enjoy/do

Which clients I best work with :)

What do you want from your client?
What do you want to enjoy when capturing?

Events I love to capture!

let us know which events you love to capture

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A few of my favourites

(Have as many as you want, I'll help curate too, have around a minimum of 15-30 images)