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When you hire a professional photographer for your child's baptism event, you can feel confident that you will have beautiful photos to share with family and friends. These photos can showcase your child's special day in the best possible light, and you can take pride in sharing them on social media or displaying them in your home. Feel proud of the memories you have created for your family.

Strengthened Family Bonds 💪

Make your child's baptism event a truly memorable occasion that strengthens family bonds by hiring a professional photographer! By capturing beautiful photos of everyone in attendance, you'll have a lasting reminder of the love and support that surrounded your child on their special day, fostering a sense of belonging and connection within your family.

Time-Saving Convenience 📸

Don't stress about capturing every special moment of your child's baptism event, let a professional photographer take care of it! By delegating the task to an expert, busy mothers can free up their time and energy to focus on other aspects of the event while having peace of mind that every moment will be captured and edited to perfection.

2000+ Events ~ 4.5+ Avg. Reviews

Est. 2014

The Baptism Photo-Process

  1. 👋 Say Hey: Chat with our Coordinator about your vision for your baptism event, including details of date, time, location and specific wants!
  2. ✍️ Finalise: Pay the deposit and confirm the booking details so that we are both set to have fun!
  3. 🥳 Time To Celebrate: Relax, have fun! On the day of your baptism event, your photographer will capture important moments, candid and posed shots of you and your friends, unique details of your celebration as well as your specific requests.
  4. 🎨 Editing: After the celebration, your photographer will edit and enhance your photos to create a stunning collection of images tailored to your desired style.
  5. 📲 Delivery: You'll receive your Gorgeous Gallery Website, within 7 days of your event. With this awesome treasure box of gold you can download, share, print and create lists of your favourite shots for years to come!
  6. Satisfaction: Show off your flattering flicks to the world and and enjoy the attention and sense of accomplishment.

Which Family Members Will Love Your Photos?


Beautiful Baptism Photography in Melbourne

Frame-Worthy Photos To Warm Up Your Home

Everything below is included:

  • - Professional, Blurry Background Photos with no watermarks (Worth $200)
  • 'Infinite Images': We take as many as we can, stress less about any limits! (Worth $300)
  • – Every photo individually edited to you liking, by Ferdi (Enhanced/Colour Corrected/Cropped, 2hrs+ of editing on avg., worth $99)
  • – All travel time, fees, tolls and parking included (Provided the event is within 1hr of the CBD, worth $49+)
  • - Coverage at your desired location (Worth $250 per/hr)
  • - Photos delivered within 7 days (Worth $60)
  • - Your own Private Gallery, great for sharing with friends (Worth $47)
  • - Provides work for Four Ferdi Team Members (Administrator, Photographer, Editor, Social Media) (Priceless)
  • - 2 PDFs to help assist you in extracting the most out of your Baptism! (Event/Portraiture Photography FAQ + Baptism Prep Checklist) (Worth $7)
  • Black & White Photos: An additional beautiful set of hand-picked photos in Black & White! (Worth $27)
  • 30 Ferdilicious Films: 30 highlights edited to simulate older delicious film! (Worth $47)

All of the above is included

$1086 worth of value for...


For 2.5 Hours

Plus GST.


For 3.5 Hours

Plus GST.


For 4.5 Hours

Plus GST.

Prices are subject to change.

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A Quick Summary on Ferdi

  • We are dedicated to growing with your family and bringing your friendship circles closer with a service that makes them say "Wow!"
  • 2022 was hectic, and a big wake up call (so much demand that we were bottlenecked)
  • We have 2 amazing administrators dedicated to coordination and communication
  • We have grown to a Team of 17 Photographers
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Ferdilicious Facts!

(As of December 31st 2022)

🚀 We saw an 80% increase in bookings in 2022 compared to 2019 (Pre-Covid)

📊 We captured 408 events in 14 months!

🗓 We averaged 34 events per-month!

📅 We averaged 1.1 events per-day!

📸 We captured 6000 photos per-week on average!

🎨 We individually edited over 3500 photos per-week on average!

⚡️ We have have captured over 2000 events & portrait sessions; starting small in 2014 and growing bigger everyday!

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