Hey there, I'm Aly! I've been doing photography for over 2 years now. Documenting love and human connection is what I'm passionate about, and so naturally, I love shooting weddings, couple sessions, and family sessions.

More about me

Who I am: My name is Aly - proudly Filipina, self-proclaimed karaoke diva, book hoarder, and a wedding and family photographer.

My why: Inspired by the images and stories I'd seen during my search for our own wedding photographer years ago, I picked up a camera of my own and started documenting stories of the people around me. I am passionate about capturing human connection and emotions as they unravel throughout the day. Whether that's during your wedding day, an engagement session, or during a simple family shoot, I love being able to bring these intimate and joyful moments to a standstill and keep them safe in beautiful photographs for you and your loved ones.

Other things I enjoy: Walking in nature, reading a good book or listening to a good podcast, singing Heart’s Alone until my throat is hoarse, dancing like a goof to my favourite songs, having meaningful conversations, and doing life with my husband are all things that fill my cup.

Events I love to capture

I love photographing weddings (both big and intimate ones), families, and couples. I love weddings because I get to have the privilege of being invited to one of the most special days in people's lives and getting to document their happiest and most intimate moments. Likewise, I love photographing families and couples because I'm passionate about capturing love and human connection, and turning special moments that spring from that into beautiful keepsakes of your love and life.

Aly's Portfolio

Some of my favourites

Note: Clients choose their own edit styles, hence the variation in colours.