Wedding Photography

3 Hours

For those wanting a short and sweet service. Especially great for couples wanting the ceremony and family/couple portraits captured

$1200 + GST

6 Hours

Great value for those wanting to capture getting ready photos, the ceremony, family/couple portraits, and part of reception

$2500 + GST

10 Hours

Generally a more relaxed package as couples tend to worry less as there is more time available. I capture everything from getting ready, the ceremony, family/couple portraits, reception and usually some 'rowdy' dancing!

$3000 + GST

Everything below is included

– Professional, High quality photos with no watermarks

– An unlimited amount of photos (I take as many as we can)

– Every photo individually edited (enhanced, colour corrected, cropped)

– 15+hrs editing the photos

– Photos delivered via Downloadable Link

– Your own Online Private Gallery

– Photos delivered within 14 days

– Multiple Destinations

– All Travel time, parking costs, tolls, fuel. (~ $50+ expense)

– Catch-up before the Wedding Day to plan out shoot locations, potential problems and solutions, Plan B’s etc (Piece of Mind). Also an opportunity to take test shots of you two!

I receive 5 Mini Albums?

Well yes kind of!

I 'dual-wield' two cameras at all times during Weddings. So at all times I have access to a wide, and a portrait lens. This means with weddings I provide 5 Mini Albums:

- Angle One
- Angle Two
- Ferdi's Highlights
- Black & White
- All Photographs

1) 'Angle One' consist of photos from my Wide angle lens, these photos generally provide more context and background details.

2) 'Angle Two' consist of photos from my Portrait lens, these photos are more dreamy, telescopic (zoomed in) and give that nice blurry background (shallow depth of field).

3) 'Ferdi's Highlights' are photos hand chosen by myself, they are generally photos that tell a story, worthy of highlighting and/or are technically great.

4) 'Black & White' are black and white versions of Ferdi's Highlights.

5) 'All Photographs' include 'Angle One', 'Angle Two' and "Black & White'

Wedding Videography

Wedding Videography

$600 (+ GST) for one Ceremony Video Recording

$1800 (+ GST) for one 3-4 Minute Cinematic Highlight Film (using footage from 6hrs worth of coverage)

$2500 (+ GST) for three Videos: 1x Highlight Film, 1x Ceremony Video, and 1x Reception Speeches Video

Videography Details:


  • Cinematic Highlight Film: Professionally edited 3-4 minute cinematic highlight video using footage from the whole day
  • High Quality Edited Video in Full High Definition
  • 15+hrs editing the videos
  • Videos delivered via Downloadable Link
  • Your own Online Private Video Gallery
  • Videos Delivered within 60 days

Optional Extras

$600 - Civil Marriage Celebrant

Tracy Ellis (Ferdi’s Aunty)
Experienced and relaxed Civil Marriage Celebrant who is committed to making your Wedding day memorable and creating an unique personalized Wedding service.

$200 per/hr – DJ

Steven Lambrianidis from and J.Ish Entertainment
– Full Sound System (Suitable for a crowd of 200+)
– Lighting Rig (LED Wash, Lasers, Smoke Machine)
– Microphones (Wireless and Wired)
– Diverse Music Selection